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About the Artist

21 carat Gold with Ruby Brigitte Cunningham grew up in a small town in Germany. As a child she was already fascinated by beautiful things and especially jewelry. She designed her first piece of jewelry as a teenager – a gift from her father to her mother.

She left Germany in 1965 and has been traveling the world for all of her adult life. She has lived in 13 countries and visited many more. In her early travels she was content to be a collector of jewelry and other fine crafts and olds. Gradually she began to design pieces of jewelry for her family, her friends and herself.

Once begun, she realized how much satisfaction she derived from creating a piece of beauty and observing the pleasure with which it was worn. With some encouragement from her husband and some long time friends, Brigitte embarked on her career twelve years ago.

Beginning with small shows for her friends and acquaintances, she now exhibits at major international shows, and by invitation. Brigitte has shown in places as diverse as Paris (France), Miami (Florida), Tucson (Arizona), Cairo (Egypt) and Germany.

Brigitte designs one-of-a-kind creations, integrating old pieces into new arrangements. Unusual gems and fine Pearls are set and combined in 18, 21 or 22 karat Gold. All Jewellery is handmade and of finest quality.

Brigitte lives at present in Cairo, Egypt where she has her workshop.

In her own words as to why she designs jewelry, “We all have different passions in our lives. My passion is to design, make, and wear beautiful jewelry. It gives me a wonderful feeling. If my jewelry also does that for you, then I am happy.”


Brigitte E. Cunningham